About Us

Welcome to Belly Inflation Nation!

Belly Inflation Nation is a social network and dating site for Inflators, Bloaters, Stuffers, and Weight Gainers. A growing community (Yes, that’s a pun. ;3) of people interested in some of the same things. Come explore into the world and see and talk to some of the people you’ve been hoping to meet. B.I.N.’s goal is to be able to let everyone be happy in finding a partner or friends.

Helps you find friends and meet new people
B.I.N.’s extensive search options allow you to find people close to your area, anyone into the same kinks as you, and more. Who knows; maybe you’ll find that someone you know likes it? Just think; that special someone might be right around the corner! Not looking to meet up? No worries; you can still use the search to help you find life minded friends.

Keeps you in touch
Want a way to keep up with all your friends and the people you’ve followed? Every profile has its very own Newsfeed that updates and adapts to every person you add or follow. You’ll always be in the loop with your custom news feed. Wan to know what going on in the whole community? Hop on over to the Global Newsfeed and see what everyone is up to.

Mobile site
You can’t always sit down at the computer, right? Well, no worries! Our website is smartphone browser friendly, allowing you to log in and chat on the go. Do everything you would as normal without missing a beat. This way B.I.N. fits smoothly into your life style and never get’s in the way when you don’t need it.

Tools to get engaged with the community
Our site has many services and tools for you to be able to interact with the community. Take for instance the global news feed. Need to get a message out quickly? Just post it through your profile to get the word out. Just need to tell a single person something? Easy! Just post to their profile’s wall and they be notified the next time they log in. Now, you might be thinking, ‘What if I want to talk to someone privately?’ Go to any profile and off to the left there is a ‘Send Private Message’ button you can press to send them a completely private message.

Your privacy matters
B.I.N. is a private community. No user content, such as profiles, posts, photos, etc., is accessible from search engines like Google and Bing, nor from unauthenticated (registered) users. Plus, all sensitive information like, your birthdate, email, etc., is kept confidential. You can also block specific users from accessing your profile and content. And, if you ever think of leaving the site, you may easily delete your profile. All of your profile data will be permanently erased no matter what.

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